Open Source

Whenever I can, I like to work on some open source projects. Here is a list of some of the open source projects I’ve worked.

Eloquent Power Joins

The Laravel magic you know, now applied to joins.

Laravel Queue Batch Retry

Laravel only allows you to retry one job per time or all of them when using the queue:retry command. This package gives you a few more options so you retry failed jobs in batches filtering to only the jobs you want.

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Laravel Test Runner Container

Docker container to run Laravel tests on CI systems. Can be used with any CI system.

Laravel Translations Loader

Webpack loader to import Laravel translation files (PHP or JSON) into your JS bundle as JSON.

Bee Plugin PHP Client

PHP client to interact with Bee's plugin API. Includes the Message Services API and a convenient way to use authorization.

Laravel Zenvia Channel

Laravel Notification Channel to send Zenvia SMS messages using Zenvia API.

[PT-BR] Calcular frete nos correios

Biblioteca PHP que utiliza os webservices dos correios para cálculo de frete, rastreamento de encomendas e busca de endereços através do CEP.

License MIT